How to Determine What Kinds of Diamond Saw Blades You Need

Posted on November 10, 2010


Diamond saw blades have many types. You will have to know what type can fit your application. There are many aspects you should consider.

1. If your diamond saw blades are used in high-load and high-intensity cuttings, you should choose welded diamond saw blades, whose steel cores are tougher after heat treatments. But if not, and your blade’s diameter is no more than 400mm, you can use sintered diamond blades, for they are much cheaper.

2. You should consider whether your blades are only used in wet cutting. Some blades can only be used in wet cutting, e.g., silver brazed diamond saw blades, while some other blades can be used in both wet and dry cutting, e.g., laser welded diamond saw blades. If silver brazed diamond saw blades are used in dry cutting, serious security issues may be caused.

3. The nature of the materials you want to cut. For example, if you want to cut concrete, you should know if it is reinforced concrete or concrete without steel bar, if it is green concrete or cured concrete, the cement and the aggregate used in the concrete, and the concrete’s hardness. So you can choose a diamond saw blade whose features match the material you want to cut.

There are also some other aspects you should consider when determine what kinds of diamond saw blades can fit your needs. This diamond saw blades selecting advisor can give you more tips.

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